Les Etablissements

The retraining Centre Sillery (CRP)
Adapted Enterprise Sillery-Quimper
The Network of workshops for provinding acces to work (ESAT)
     « ESAT Ateliers de Cuzon »
     « ESAT Ateliers des Guyards »
     « ESAT Ateliers du Moulin »
     « ESAT Ateliers de la Prairie »
Residential Hostel « les Roseaux »
The Sillery Special School for those with handicap and learning difficulties(IME)
Community project for clinets in need of educationnal and care support (SESSD)

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Formations CRP

CRP training enables people with disabilities to benefit from professional training with medical and social support.

To define a new professional project, to discover all the actions of preparatory, qualifying and diploma training


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Prestations Commerciales

Business and community groups can contact one of the workshops (ESAT) for service contracts. These contracts will enable businesses and other organizations to fulfil in part of their obligation to employ handicapped persons.

Private individuals can benefit from a tax deduction of 50% of the invoice value of work undertaken on their behalf by a workshop.

The workshops can undertake the following :

  • Packaging
  • Cleaning services
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Catering
  • Room hire
  • Placements for handicapped workers

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In 2014 the Foundation created a training centre, called « Formasyl » to give greater knowledge of its operations to the wider public and to professionals, and to propose and develop new training initiatives both for itself and for outside organizations.


 Short courses within a rolling annual programme for service users. Also for the employees of the projects with the Foundatiom.


Additional training for former trainees of the CRP

Responding to special requirements from employers of former trainees.

Training of employess (handicapped or otherwise) from other foundations, associations or buinesses. 

Training on demand from outside businesses.

FORMASYL can plan and deliver training in the areas of IT, building management,  management of open spaces, and in supporting people.

All training programmes are discussed and prepred with the agreement of the commiwill hold sesioning organization

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For further information contact the Foundation secretariat on 0169 741710

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